Frequently Asked Questions

Music producer Wouter Baustein at VRT - Radio 2 [music production questions]
Wouter Baustein playing at VRT / Radio 2

How much does the production of one single cost?

The price of a single depends of many factors. Such as the length of the song, your own skills, the complexity, the number of musicians needed, etc. During our intake interview, we’ll discuss your needs, plans and goals. Then I can calculate the cost of your top notch single. My motto is: clarity first!

Can I record a demo at your studio?

No, I’m a producer running a production studio. For demos I’d like to refer you to a (demo) recording studio. Moreover, depending on your goals and needs, these days it’s easy to record your own demo at home or in your rehearsal room. Even your smartphone can do the job!

★ Is a production studio the same as a recording studio?

A recording studio specializes in capturing music, sound and vocals. This recording process is part of the production process. A production studio specializes in the development and supervision of the song from A-Z, from a piece of paper to final release. Some production studios, like me, also do limited recordings such as vocals, guitars, drums, bass, etc. Anything smaller than a symphonic orchestra 🙂

★ Demo, recording, production … what is the difference?

A demo is a demonstration of your qualities or the song you wrote. Recording is capturing your song with or without a band. Production is turning your idea or song into a high-end product, in accordance with the current requirements and standards of today’s music and broadcast industry. Together with a qualified team, each experts in their field, your song, idea or vision, will be transformed into a top notch final product. Ready to release and compete with your idols!

★ Do you work with everyone?

I start with an intake interview, and talk about your goals, vision and music. I think it’s very important to be on the same wavelength and have the right match between me and the artist. So I only work with a limited number of selected and dedicated people.

How long does the whole A-Z process take?

The overall process, from intake interview, production, mixing, mastering, up to distribution (releasing your music), takes at least 4 weeks in total.

Can you also help me releasing, promoting and plugging my music?

Yes, I can guide and advise you in your journey after your single, song or album is ready. Promotion, marketing, plugging, art-work, social media, video, etc. One of my solid partners is Groove Hunter Entertainment (www.groovehunter.net)

I’m an artist but I have no songs

That’s very common. It’s a bit taboo and a lot of people don’t even know it, but many artist and bands don’t write their own music or songs. Compare it to Formula 1: Verstappen, Hamilton or Russell don’t build or design their own F1 cars either, right? I have qualified songwriters, composers and lyricists in my team, eager to write songs for you!

I’m a singer songwriter but I have no band

You don’t need musicians or band to release a single. I can provide you all the musicians you need. I even prefer session musicians, since I’m sure of their skills, qualities and fast workflow!

Do I have to come to your studio?

I’m located in Europe, and you live in Australia or the USA? Thanks to technology it’s no problem to record your vocals or instruments remotely from the other side of the world. You only need a basic set-up with a good mic, sound interface, internet and a dry sound (like a wardrobe or dressing room). I’ll be happy to explain what you need to do!

Can you come over to my studio in the UK?

Of course, I also work on site. Ask for terms and conditions!

I can’t afford a production, but I can offer you to split my copyright 50/50

No thanks.

What languages do you speak? ¿Hablas español?

I speak English, German, Dutch and French. In worst case, there’s still Google Translate. I’m sure we’ll find a way to communicate with each other.

Can I pay you afterwards, with the money I will earn with my single?

To start a production, a 50% non-refundable down payment is required. You will receive the final product, clean without interruptions, HQ in 24bit 44.1 kHz, after the payment has been made in full. No exceptions.