From idea or demo, to top-notch Spotify and radio ready songs

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From idea or demo, to top-notch Spotify and radio ready songs

Baustein Studio, where passion and music merge with an uncompromising pursuit of perfection. From a blank page, idea, or rough demo, to professional formats for radio, TV, LP/CD, social media, and streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Songwriting: Creating songs, writing lyrics and music that align with your artistic vision.
Pre-productie: Developing the song, programming, preparation, and planning of the recording process.
High-quality recording sessions in our studio or remotely.
Post-productie: Editing, adjustment, and fine-tuning of recordings for the desired end result.
: Optimizing and merging audio tracks for the best sound quality.
Post-mixing: Fine-tuning the mix for a balanced, dynamic, and powerful sound.
: Perfecting the mix for distribution, so songs sound optimal everywhere.
Re-mixing: Reworking a song through an existing recording or STEM files.

Let us transform your idea or song into a top-notch final product! We aim for nothing less than the best. We provide all the facilities and the best musicians, lyricists, composers, songwriters, mixing, and mastering engineers. Everything can happen in our own studio or via a remote connection over the internet, wherever you are.

Sergio - Serge Quisquater, production studio
Sergio – Serge Quisquater

Minimalistic design with maximalistic results



Step into our high-tech minimalist studio, where the focus is on maximum quality and creativity. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to tackle every aspect of your project, from songwriting to mastering, with an obsession for detail that delivers only the best results.

We don’t just promise a song; we promise an experience. With professional high-tech facilities and a pool of talented musicians, lyricists, composers, and engineers, we bring your musical dreams to life. Baustein Studio: where the hunt for the perfect groove begins.