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Wouter Baustein at his production studio

Wouter Baustein aka Manic Youth – producer, DJ, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music coach.

Born and raised in Germany behind a piano, turntable infected at the age of 12. I studied music and composing at Jazz Studio Antwerp (BE), and the renowned Musicians Institute Hollywood (USA), College Of Contemporary Music.

I founded Guitar Studio in the year 2000, from my passion for guitar and music. From my own vision and method, I trained and coached artists and musicians, guitarists, bassists, drummers etc.

While classical and jazz educated, my relentless passion for contemporary music persisted in various styles from electronic music up to pop, rock and metal. For over 30 years I played in several live bands – from duos, power trios, full bands up to classical orchestras. Over time I continued specializing in sound design, music production, recording and mixing.

It’s my mission to take your idea or song to a top notch final level and make your music compete with your Top 40 idols.